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U-Battery - Local Modular Energy

What is U-Battery?

U-Battery is a micro nuclear reactor which will be able to produce local power and heat for a range of energy needs.

The concept design was developed by the Universities of Manchester, Dalton Institute (UK) and Technology University of Delft (Netherlands) after the project was initiated in 2008 by Urenco, the energy and technology company.

The plan is to have the demonstration U-Battery operating by 2026.

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U-Battery Single Power Unit

Key to Layout

  • 1. Turbine Generator
  • 2. Heat Exchanger
  • 3. Reactor
  • 4. Maintenance Floor
  • 5. Used Fuel Cartridge Store
  • 6. Fuel Store Ventilation
  • 7. Fuel Handling Facility
  • 8. Control Room

At a Glance

  • Single unit - U-Battery produces 10MWt which can be delivered in a CoGen configuration with up to 4MWe electricity or 750oC process heat.
  • Gas cooled - Helium in primary circuit, nitrogen in secondary circuit.
  • High integrity TRISO fuel - Enables simplicity of design.
  • Construction - Adaptable configuration to meet local needs. It can be installed above or below ground level.
  • Flexible - Installation can be single or in multiple units.

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