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U-Battery - Local Modular Energy

Why U-Battery?

U-Battery's vision:

A world where U-Battery is an important part of a low carbon sustainable energy landscape.

U-Battery's vision in detail

U-Battery can help address a number of challenges related to the need to develop a low carbon economy. It can:

  • Produce both power and heat for heavy industrial locations.
  • Could be used as a back-up support for large scale nuclear generating sites instead of diesel.
  • Be deployed in remote locations.
  • Provide solutions to water scarce areas through desalination.
  • Generate hydrogen for hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The U-Battery Concept:

U-Battery is a micro nuclear reactor that will mainly target the markets for industrial power units and off-grid applications.

The modular design of U-Battery will enable it to be factory-built and delivered to the site where it will operate. This will lead to faster and more affordable build times as well as simplicity in transporting the product to a global set of customers across multiple geographies.

U-Battery is powered by TRISO fuel which prevents the release of radioactive material minimising the need for back-up safety systems and reduces the size of any exclusion zone allowing the energy source to be located directly adjacent to the point of use.

These factors enable U-Battery to have a low up front capital cost which makes it an attractive, affordable low carbon heat and power source.

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