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In Canada, there are many remote communities and mining operations that rely on diesel generation for power and heat, since they are not connected to an electricity grid. The average local energy cost is two or three times the national average.

U-Battery is a member of the Canadian Nuclear Association, Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries and Candu Owners Group, and Urenco is a member of the DIT Canada Campaign Group.

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Recent progress

In July 2019, U-Battery completed the first stage of the evaluation process in Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’s (CNL) invitation to site a first-of-a-kind small small modular reactor (SMR) in Chalk River, Ontario. The U-Battery demonstration project will advance CNL’s mandate to be recognised globally as a leader in SMR prototype testing and science and technology support.

The Government of Canada’s SMR policy document, A Call to Action: A Canadian Roadmap for Small Modular Reactors, was released in late 2018 and identified the need to establish a demonstration site for SMRs at one or more locations in Canada. The roadmap recommended that Canada should be making strategic investments to capitalise on SMR opportunities, as “early-mover advantage will be critical to capturing global market share.”

U-Battery has established a service agreement with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission for pre-licensing phase 1 vendor design review. This will help ensure that U-Battery’s design is well-positioned to meet regulatory and feasibility requirements as well as Canadian codes and standards as it works towards commercial deployment.

Recent progress image Recent progress image