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Team Members

Steve Threlfall

General Manager, U-Battery

Sean Donnelly

Team Lead, Canada, U-Battery

Chris White

Director of Government Affairs, U-Battery

David Fletcher

Head of Business Development, U-Battery

Paul Clarke

Project Director, U-Battery

Peter Bradley

Senior Commercial Manager, U-Battery

John Eldridge

Principal Engineer, U-Battery

Andrew Johnstone

Technical and Licensing Lead, Canada, U-Battery

Andrew Bailey

Director of Specialist Consultancy and Defence, Critical Mission Solutions-International, Jacobs

Greg Willetts

Vice President Technology & Consultancy, Critical Mission Solutions-International, Jacobs

Richard Stainsby

Chief Technologist, Advanced Reactors Group, Critical Mission Solutions-International, Jacobs

Mei Tamkei

Thermal Performance and Analysis Lead, Kinectrics

Kellie Foster

Project Engineer, Canada, Kinectrics

Tim Abram

Chief Technologist, University of Manchester