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U-Battery on leading Australian radio station
02 May

U-Battery was featured on Australia’s popular 2GB radio station at the end of last week (27 April).

URENCO’s Chris White, Head of Government Affairs and a member of the U-Battery team, was interviewed by the station’s presenter Chris Smith, who is a keen proponent of the need for nuclear energy in his country.

Information from the World Nuclear Association shows Australia is heavily dependent on coal for electricity, more so than any other developed country. Almost two-thirds of electricity production is derived from coal. Despite the fact that uranium has been mined in the country since 1954, and its uranium resources are the world’s largest, Australia uses no nuclear power. With its high reliance on coal any likely carbon constraints on electricity generation make nuclear power a future possibility.

The 2GB interview gave U-Battery and URENCO the opportunity to highlight the benefits of advanced modular reactors, and nuclear energy more generally.

Chris White said: “Australia has a fantastic opportunity, being home to a third of the world’s uranium.

“With these next generation of reactors, you could really empower generations of communities.”

Listen to the interview

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