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U-Battery - Local Modular Energy

Strong engagement with U-Battery suppliers and partners at first UK supplier event
11 November

U-Battery held a successful Supplier Day at its consortium partner Urenco’s UK site last week, building good relationships as the development phase progresses.

The event attracted approximately 40 different organisations and featured presentations from Andy Storer, CEO of Nuclear AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre), senior members of the U-Battery team and our consortium partners.

It presented a good opportunity to start to build the future supply chain for the micro nuclear reactor, which has continued to make positive progress this year.

Advancements on licensing and design have confirmed and refined the U-Battery model to produce firm capital cost estimates for the next phase of engineering, licensing, procurement and manufacturing and clarify future investment opportunities.

U-Battery has begun to expand its design and licensing team in preparation for the next stage and will be looking to attract new partners to work on the development of the reactor. Urenco is the founding partner of the U-Battery consortium and its core expertise is enriching uranium to produce fuel for current and advanced nuclear technologies, including U-Battery.

The UK U-Battery Supplier Day followed a similar event, which was held in Canada last month, as part of our dual track approach of initially targeting the UK and Canadian markets.

Steve Threlfall, U-Battery General Manager, said:

“U-Battery is widely recognised within the nuclear industry and by UK and Canadian Governments as a credible and exciting opportunity in creation of advanced nuclear technology to help provide sustainable energy and meet decarbonisation challenges.

“Engaging with suppliers is an important next step in our development journey as we continue to progress towards building our organisation; and designing, licensing and constructing a first of a kind reactor. We were delighted to meet with a wide variety of organisations and have a valuable and insightful exchange of ideas. We will look to develop these relationships into further meaningful progress.”

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