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The safety of U-Battery: a podcast chat with our lead engineers

28 April 2022

On World Day for Safety and Health at Work, April 28, we spoke to the lead engineers of the U-Battery about a few of its safety features. 

What makes this smaller reactor, known as an advanced modular reactor (AMR), so safe? 

And how does its advanced fuel, known as TRISO, play a part in stopping bad things from happening?

Click here to listen to the discussion with Principal Engineer John Eldridge and Chief Engineer Prof. Tim Abram. 

Once clicked, the podcast will take you to a different screen. 


About U-Battery

U-Battery is an advanced/small modular reactor, capable of providing a low-carbon, cost-effective, locally embedded and reliable source of power and heat for energy intensive industry and remote locations. It is being developed by Urenco in collaboration with a number of supporting organisations and has received funding from the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy's Energy Innovation Portfolio.

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