U-Battery - Local Modular Energy

What is U-Battery?

U-Battery is a micro nuclear reactor which will be able to produce local power and heat for a range of energy needs.

The concept design was developed by the Universities of Manchester, Dalton Institute (UK) and Technology University of Delft (Netherlands) after the project was initiated in 2008 by URENCO, the energy and technology company.

The plan is to have the demonstration U-Battery operating by 2024. 

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U-Battery single generation hall schematic

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U-Battery micro nuclear reactor


  • High specification, world-leading technology and design.
  • Low-carbon source of heat and power.
  • Modular – designed to be built in a factory.
  • The size of the penalty area on a football pitch.
  • UK design, UK project team, developing UK Intellectual Property.
  • Designed to be deployed just like a battery. 
  • Can be deployed locally to demand, therefore, it eliminates grid/infrastructure costs.
  • Its simplicity, enabled by the use of intrinsically safe TRISO fuel, ensures its competitive position in the relevant markets. 

U-Battery micro nuclear reactor

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